I believe that consistency and dedication are most important in achieving ones fitness goals. My goal in life is to be an inspiration and what I enjoy most about this lifestyle is helping others to see my vision of positivity and how creating a healthy lifestyle is very important in life. I’m often approached in public places by strangers as well as acquaintances who are curious with how long I’ve been training to look the way I do. Something that often inspires others more is when I was born I came into this world premature as a 3lb baby. For those of you who think it’s only just genetics I’m living proof that isn’t always the case with determination.

My passion for fitness has always been there. In my childhood years I grew up playing many sports, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and lastly my favorite was football. In high school I realized my real love was with weight lifting, it not only helped me mentally, but it helped to grow strength with all the sports I was playing. I started to feel more confident, and comfortable in my own skin. I started to make weight training my main focus to build the physique I had always wanted.

Seeing the results I could achieve on my own with the right mindset, inspired me to want to help others in return. I began my personal training journey to share this lifestyle and the great impact it can have on an individuals confidence to help them feel better mentally and physically.

I then took my training to the next level and looked more into how I could use my physique to earn something I could look back on and be proud of. Which led me to compete in the NPC Mens Physique competitions in 2012. My very long training journey of about 13 years I have now finished 15 competitions, won 2 overall titles and earned my IFBB Pro Card. My journey hasn’t stopped there, I will continue to build my physique bigger and better everyday. There will not be a moment when I will say “I’m done” whether I’m on stage or off stage, I will strive daily to look my best. I have worked hard to create this lifestyle and I will continue to represent it in the best form. Because to me waking up and seeing all the people I’ve shared this lifestyle with start to see my vision and have a more positive journey in life is a trophy all on its own.