I’m beyond excited to start building this community of people who love the Wycked Foodie creations! So what is this WYCKED FOODIE MOB all about?!
If you have been following me for a while, you can see that I am able to stay lean year round for a reason. I don't need a "bulk" or "cutting" season (did I just rhyme there, totally unintentional or was it lol). Yes, of course when I am in competition mode I do make adjustments, but they are never drastic. How do I do this?  I have made this my LIFESTYLE. This is why I am able to be consistent and maintain RESULTS year round while eating the things ya'll see me post daily! With the EBOOK(s) you will learn the WYCKED WAYS so you can too!
You will also notice that as I have grown as an athlete and IFBB Pro, my philosophies on nutrition had to evolve with me. You see, to most people (I was one of them) food is simply a set amount of Calories and a ratio of macronutrients..PROTEIN, FATS, CARBS, with a total disregard to any micronutrient value. Most people don't realize the true impact that food has on our ENTIRE well-being. It affects our sleep, the way we feel, our skin, energy, everything! Yesssss, even in the Bedroom lol, but for real everything. This is why you see me making Wycked recipes that are not only Macro Friendly but are also with real food ingredients.
It's also really important to have a healthy relationship with food...so how do we make sure we are eating foods that make us LOOK good, FEEL good, don't make us feel restricted, and taste AMAZING?!? We upgrade our ingredients! You can still eat DELICIOUS food that fits your lifestyle. Yes Foodie Mob, you can still have PANCAKES, PIZZA, BAGELS, COOKIES, etc... and still get the results you want. All you have to do is learn the WYCKED WAYS!
Many people are also finding that they have some sort of Food Sensitivity/ Allergy/ GI Issue (ESPECIALLY in the fitness industry). Recently, my girl and I actually found out that we both have Gluten Sensitivities so we have made adjustments to our own lifestyles. For example, I know ya'll saw me making some insane looking stacks back in the day with allllll kinds of Oreos, Candy, and Artificial Ingredients/Sweeteners all the damn time. But as I learned (and continue to learn)  more about how those foods affect us, I truly want to myself and all of you to be  optimal so I decided to upgrade my ingredients.  And did you know that they actually still make clean eating GLUTEN FREE OREOS?! LOL There are ways to still enjoy the foods we love and make them good/better for us! 
Using the philosophy of JUST EAT REAL FOOD, we make creative and delicious recipes everyday to share them with you so you can start LOOKING and FEELING your best, and truly make this a lifestyle for yourself. I am really proud of the ebook(s) that we created and I know you are going to love the recipes! It's so much more than just the WYCKED CAKES that you jokingly ask me everyday "Can you ship to my home and prep them for me in person lol” but for real, now you’ll be able to recreate ALL of the Wycked recipes! Everything is covered all the way from breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, & of course we didn't forget dessert! 
Let's get you learning the WYCKED WAYS, FOODIE MOB! 


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