Mr. Wycked Delts Ebook

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If you are looking for fuller, rounder, and 3D shoulders, let me aka Mr. Wycked show you how to build them. Here are my six favorite shoulder building techniques. Apply them to your own training or follow my 12 week (3 Phases) Mr. Wycked Delts training program. 

I believe a head turning physique is built from the shoulders down. Round, developed delts make your waist look smaller. They're the top of that awesome hourglass shape (for the ladies) or the V-taper look (for the men) so coveted in and out of the bodybuilding community. Let's be honest though, even if you don't compete, who doesn't want some Wycked Delts? Yeah, thought so!

Shoulder training is unique because it takes a lot of isolation work to build big caps efficiently. You can do heavy overhead presses all day, but you won't see that roundness or definition unless you grab some lighter dumbbells and hit a lot of reps. 

Most girls and guys know me as the "IFBB PROFESSIONAL Men's Physique Shaun Standridge" the same guy you tend to refer as the one with the "WYCKED DELTS". You can bet your last dollar that I have worked really hard to shape them over the last 15 years in the gym. Which I've wanted to put together an E-book describing the Wycked unique methods and techniques I personally use to keep building my shoulders, and one of my 3-Phased workout splits you can try for yourself. Ready, set, let's get WYCKED!!